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6 Weeks later

Mid September

Latest pictures

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Week 16

11th July - 16th July

Painters finished, Toilets + showers installed.
Electricals all finished.

Final inspection was on the 18th of July. We handed over the bank cheque for the remaining funds on the 21st of July and received the keys. The building provisions was less $3000 from the total price, which helped paid the remaining items to be done.

Prior to moving in, we need to arrange the tiling throughout the house and the carpet in the bedrooms, which was done over the next 2 weeks.

Appliances were installed a few days prior to moving in.

Remaining to do :

- Retaining walls, Fence, Driveways, concrete paths, turf and gardens, aircon.

Week 15

4th July - 9th July

Painting finished on the outside including Front federation facade
Painters have completed ceiling and will be working until next Wednesday to finish internal doors, skirting on floor, around doors and windows.
Front door painted

Update : Painters have applied the first coat to the whole house. More pictures added:

100_1998.JPG 100_2001.JPG 100_2004.JPG 100_2011.JPG
SDC12240.JPG SDC12241.JPG SDC12243.JPG SDC12245.JPG
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Week 14

27th June - 2nd July

Skirting on floor/walls should be completed this week.
Bathroom and ensuite tiles finished
Front Federation facade started (valance rails, posts, infills)
Painting started on outside on downpipes, electricity box and under eaves.
Tiles finished on front porch.

SDC12165.JPG SDC12168.JPG SDC12170.JPG
SDC12172.JPG SDC12175.JPG SDC12181.JPG
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Week 13

20th June - 25th June

Fancy cornice is finished.
Garage door installed
Carpenter still working hard in finishing door frames and installing the cupboards.
Main bathroom and ensuite floors finished

Timber finials & rails on roof
Shelves in line store completed
Kitchen cupboard door replaced.
Holes in walls for power points and light switches.
Electricity connected.

Pictures updated :

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SDC12112.JPG SDC12113.JPG SDC12115.JPG SDC12117.JPG
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SDC12157.JPG SDC12158.JPG

Week 12

13th June - 18th June

Shocking weather, rained all week.

Kitchen started early in the week and finished on the Saturday. We knew the kitchen was a descent size on paper, however it is bigger than we imagined . One of the kitchen doors had a few marks, pointed it out to the site supervisor and they advised it will be replaced. Overall the kitchen looks great.

Tiles arrived for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.
Tiles in the kitchen started
Laundry bench and cabinet in

Neighbour phoned up and advised the backyard was flooded, had to dig a few trenches to allow the water to escape.

SDC12039.JPG SDC12042.JPG SDC12050.JPG SDC12055.JPG

SDC12094.JPG SDC12095.JPG SDC12096.JPG SDC12098.JPG


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Week 11

6th June - 11th June

Plastering on gyprock completed.
Sanding started.
Standard cornice completed, fancy cornice still to be done (actually didn't know we had any).
Internal doors have arrived.
Front door is on and we are now at lockup stage.

Tile supplier advised their supplier is unable to receive an ETA on the tiles for the porch, therefore we have selected a similar tile

Thought we had till the end of July for completion due to the extension from the wet weather. Seems completion may be about 4 - 5 weeks away.

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SDC11964.JPG SDC11971.JPG SDC12006.JPG SDC12005.JPG
SDC11965.JPG SDC11970.JPG SDC11998.JPG SDC12000.JPG
SDC12001.JPG SDC12002.JPG SDC12031.JPG SDC11957.JPG

Week 10

30th May - 4th June

Insulation in walls, some in the ceiling (wet weather continued from the weekend and today).
Eaves finished & gyprock started in ceiling
Gyprock on wall and ceiling completed
Water tank installed.

SDC11911.JPG SDC11913.JPG SDC11914.JPG SDC11918.JPG
SDC11919.JPG SDC11922.JPG SDC11925.JPG SDC11926.JPG
SDC11931.JPG SDC11939.JPG

Week 9

23th May - 28th May

Bricks finished on Tuesday
Electrical wiring completed
Eaves started
Downpipes in
Bricks washed on Saturday, start of the wet weekend ahead and the site was very wet & muddy

SDC11896.JPG SDC11897.JPG SDC11900.JPG SDC11902.JPG
SDC11903.JPG SDC11906.JPG SDC11907.JPG SDC11909.JPG

Week 8

16th May - 20th May

The brickies worked on the house most of the week.

Received the bill for the connection of mains, sewer and storm water drainage. The provisional cost exceeded the original quote by $1000, hoping the other provisional costs come in under so it evens out, otherwise it will eat into the funds for our driveway. As after completion we still have to do carpets, tiles and blinds first.

SDC11876.JPG SDC11877.JPG SDC11880.JPG
SDC11887.JPG z100_1985.JPG z100_1986.JPG

Week 7

9th May - 13th May

Good weather and plenty of sun this week. A full deck of work men at the site, looked like backyard blitz with the roof tilers, brickies and carpenters all onsite.

Frame is now complete, the lounge room bay window and finishes touches seem to be done. Roof tiles and bricks arrived this week. Only took a few days to complete the roof tiles. Bricks have started, should be completed within a week.

SDC11784.JPG SDC11830.JPG SDC11839.JPG SDC11840.JPG

SDC11847.JPG SDC11863.JPG SDC11867.JPG

Week 6

3rd May - 6th May
Alot of activity happening this week. Finally some descent weather to begin the construction. Frames were started today, wow what a difference it makes already and the house is looking much bigger now.

Roof truss and windows were started on the 5th May, should be another day to complete the frame stage.

SDC11682.JPG SDC11683.JPG SDC11684.JPG SDC11688.JPG

SDC11689.JPG SDC11694.JPG SDC11695.JPG SDC11696.JPG

SDC11700.JPG SDC11702.JPG SDC11713.JPG SDC11715.JPG SDC11716.JPG SDC11717.JPG SDC11718.JPG SDC11720.JPG SDC11721.JPG SDC11723.JPG SDC11730.JPG SDC11732.JPG SDC11735.JPG SDC11737.JPG

Week 5

Unfortunately it rained the last couple of days of the extra long weekend, rain continued for the remainder of the week. Due to the wet weather the building has been extended a further 20 days, now looking at the end of July. Not too worried as it gives us a chance to save a little bit more for the many extras after completion.

Week 4

20th April

Frames delivered... Easter + ANZAC long weekend


Week 3

Not too much happening. Frames are waiting to be delivered. Plumbers are connecting sewer, water and laying pipes

Week 2

5th April

Slab construction - Not the best weather for pouring the slab. Most of the day was fine and overcast, however it did rain in the afternoon.

Latest pictures of the slab:


Frames are delayed, expected to be delivered around the 20th April

28th March to 30 March

Finally excavation on the land started today. The block has been cut and filled. Very surprised how high the concrete slab will be when finished. Possible that extra retaining walls may be required that was not plan as well has having a bit of a sloping driveway.

House has been marked out. The slab is going to be huge, the rooms look small without the walls and ceiling up.

Concrete piers are in. Only required 39 linear metres which I was quite happily surprised as the allowance was 50 metres.

The concretor said the slab will be huge and will be a landing strip when finished.

If all goes to plan should have a concrete slab on the Tuesday 5th April.

SDC11468.JPG SDC11469.JPG SDC11470.JPG SDC11471.JPG
SDC11472.JPG SDC11476.JPG SDC11478.JPG SDC11480.JPG

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